C1 Finance is an Australian owned and operated business that has specialised in lending to Australians for the last 15 years. Needless to say, in this time, they’ve experienced the ups and downs of one of Australia’s fastest-growing industries. Here’s some interesting history into how C1 came to be where they are today!

C1 Finance was founded in 2005, previously known as Center One Finance. After only operating for a few years providing small cash loans to hard-working Aussies, the 2008 Global Financial Crisis hit. Despite this challenge, C1 Finance persevered and changed the focus from cash loans to finance new and used vehicles. Even now, this is their core priority and they are extremely passionate about helping customers get into a car when they need it most.

C1 Finance has spent the last few years streamlining its products and services to best suit our customers. They’ve shifted their focus to Bad Credit, now specialising in assisting people in Debt Agreements and Ex-Bankrupts secure car finance.

For C1 Finance, making the process faster and cheaper for customers was accelerated in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and left no industry unharmed. As you can imagine, with people stuck inside, the need for vehicles slowed. However, C1 Finance has seen a massive increase in the last few months as life begins to return to normal. Without international travel, it’s the perfect time for people to explore the incredible country we call home!

At this moment, C1 Finance has provided over $10 million in car loans to Aussies that have been knocked back by the bank. Not only have they helped people secure a car, they have also seen many of our clients pay off their loan with them and, with an improved loan history, return to their bank and be approved.

As C1 continues to grow and succeed, they look to the future. They will continue to make processing times faster and the task of buying a car easier. They look forward to continuing in providing an affordable car finance option for every Australian, no matter their financial past.