Last Updated - September 2022

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Premium+ 19.99% APR
Premium 24.99% APR
Standard 27.99% APR

Interest rates

How do we calcuate this? Your interest charges are calculated daily and applied at the end of the month. This means that every day your loan balance is lower the lower the interest charges will be. The best way to save as much money as possible is to keep up your payments and pay it off as quickly as possible!

Fee’s and charges

All of the fee’s and charges are included in your repayment amount, this means if you maintain your payments there’s nothing more to pay. Your fee’s and charges are all detailed in your loan contracts. To avoid having missed payment fee’s or collection costs we just need you to keep us in the loop! We also don’t charge you if you pay your loan out early, in fact, we encourage it! You can even elect to increase your repayment amount at the start of the loan to pay it off sooner.

Loan Terms

The maximum term we offer is 5 years, but we usually approve loans at 4 years. As good as it may seem to have a smaller repayment, this may add years and wasted money in interest. We’d much rather you pay us back as quickly as you can so you own your new car outright!

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At a Glance

Loan terms 1 year - 5 year
Monthly Account Fee $28
Early Repayment Fee $0
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If you are having trouble keeping up with your repayments contact our team to discuss your situation before you are charged any additional fees. We’re here to help.