With the car manufacturers developing new models each year, choosing ideal family cars is no longer difficult. Yet you must factor in the safety, infotainment, cargo space, and drive assist features for comfortable and safe rides.

Whether you need a sedan, SUV, or a minivan, the best cars for families should give its occupants enough space and comfort. In this article, we’ll discuss 2021 best family car picks to look out for.

1. Nissan Qashqai

Ranked as the number one family car on the market, the Nissan Qashqai has been around for quite a while now. Going from strength to strength, this option offers two petrol and two diesel options. You can also choose between manual or automatic transmission settings.

Thanks to its height of 1440mm, there’s ample room for rear passengers. They’ll enjoy reclining seats and sunshades that can be drawn across all windows.

With a tonne load capacity of 565kgs and generous boot space, the 998cc engine is suitable for those looking for more power. It’s also ideal for families prioritising fuel efficiency.

2. Hyundai Tucson

Thanks to its affordability, practicality, and styling, Hyundai Tucson is a favourite among family buyers. With a reliable 2 litres, four-cylinder engine and six-speed automatic transmission, this vehicle has been well received by the market.

It offers seven airbags alongside ABS (Anti-Lock Braking) and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution). Packed with features such as an electric sunroof, leather upholstery, and a tech package, it is no wonder that families turn to the 2018 model of the Hyundai Tuscon.

3. Volkswagen Golf

A favourite among buyers in Australia, the Volkswagen Golf has been around for many years. It comes with an attractive exterior and advanced technology.

The cockpit comes complete with an electronic instrument cluster that displays speed, rev counter, and time. Its infotainment comprises features like radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB port.

This compact car can seat five and still have some storage space at the boot. Its excellent handling abilities that provide thrilling rides make it suitable for everyday family use.

Buttons on the steering wheel can control the Volkswagen Golf touch screen infotainment system. You can also use voice control if you have your smartphone connected via Bluetooth.

The vehicle is equipped with adaptive cruise control for driver assistance. With all these features, it’s easy to see why this car is always in high demand among family buyers.

4. Mazda 3 

The 4-door mid-size sports car market is slowly becoming saturated, but this model still manages to stand out. It offers high fuel economy at an affordable price range.

Boasting a 2 litres, four-cylinder engine and six-speed automatic transmission, the Mazda 3 has enjoyed excellent reviews since its release. It brags of impressive handling, which makes it fun to drive. Mazda 3 offers fuel efficiency of up to 6.4L/100km on the highway and 8.7L/100km in city conditions.

This vehicle is perfect for family buyers looking for their next car with an attractive exterior finish and stylish interior. If you’re looking for a family good family car that’ll hold its value for long, this is it.

5. Ford Ranger 

This stylish pickup is perfect for those who need the flexibility of a 4WD while still offering enough space. Able to tow up to 3500kg, it also provides an impressive 657 litres of storage. This way, you can take everything with you when running errands or out on the weekend.

This compact yet powerful pickup truck can carry a heavy load and go off-road whenever necessary. It has a sleek design and three different trims that include XL, XLT, and Lariat.

The Ranger has an average fuel consumption of 9.1l/100k and can do 0-100km in 8.3 seconds.

6. Toyota Corolla A90 

This stylish compact car may be smaller than most vehicles on this list, but its fuel economy sure isn’t! Even though it only comes with a 1.8L engine, the Corolla can do 8.4L/100km. This makes it one of the most efficient vehicles on the market.

Other than that, this four-door compact sedan offers many luxury and entertainment features. This includes an integrated smartwatch, a car-to-x communication system, and a 5″ LED panel on the steering wheel. It gives easy access to information even while driving.

7. The Tesla Model S 

Owning an electric vehicle continues to become popular among families around the world. They’re environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles. Given the size of the Tesla Model S, it can easily accommodate seven people with ease.

It also provides them with cabins as big as those found in most luxury cars on the market today. The car’s interior design is trendier than those of other products in its class. You don’t have to worry about your kids getting bored after a few minutes of driving.

Although this vehicle is expensive and has poor fuel consumption, the larger boot space and luxurious cabin are incomparable. Luckily, its fuel consumption can be fixed by charging the car at home. You might also want to check the Tesla Model Y if you love electric vehicles.

It has a range of 480km and can do 0-100 km in just 4.4 seconds. Besides, charging it will only cost you around $1 per 100km. Its roof camera makes parking easy even when space is limited.

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What to Look for in a Family Car?

A lot comes into mind when heading out to buy a family car. You want every family member to enjoy each ride while feeling safe and comfortable. But what do you look for when buying a car?

Here are essential things to check out during your family car shopping:


No one wants to get into an accident, but if you do find yourself in this situation, it’s essential that you feel safe. Get a car that has automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring. An additional rear cross-traffic alert feature can enhance your safety on the road.


People need family cars because they’re family-friendly. Yet, family cars also have to be affordable for your family budget. Look at the price range compared to other similar family-sized vehicles to consider which one will provide the best value for your money.

Reliability and Durability

You want a family car that can last many years of driving children to school or sports practice. Look at the history of families who drove this specific model before purchasing it. Remember, long-term data is more reliable than short-term data.

Driving Experience

Some family cars are friendlier than others, but all vehicles should be comfortable to drive. Many family cars have a lot of cargo space and features that make the driving experience better for the family.

Check whether car seats are easy to access from both front and back rows. Also, find out if it has enough cup holders and storage spots. This way, you’ll be confident that everyone has what they need conveniently available.

Comfort and Convenience

Look at the interior colour combinations offered with your family car of choice. Also, check extra features such as an entertainment system or luxury options like leather seating.

When you feel good about the comfort levels inside your family car, you’ll want to maintain it for the long haul.

Cargo Capacity

If you have children, you know how much stuff needs to be hauled back and forth on family errands. Look at family cars that can accommodate large numbers of bags or other items.

If your family is moving from place to place during holidays, get a car with good cargo space.

Child Seats

Family car safety requires appropriate buckling of kids while riding. The infants must sit in a rear-facing child seat until they reach age two or grow taller than 40 inches.

Make sure your family car has LATCH systems available to secure a child seat in place.

Testing Procedures

When family cars are being tested, they go through a lot of different simulations. This ensures that everyone feels safe in a family car.

Some family cars have been crash tested with family occupants riding in the back seat, while others have been crash tested from the driver’s side when making sharp turns at high speeds.

Ask your family car dealer about all testing procedures for your specific family vehicle model before buying it.

Key Takeaway

With so many models on offer, all boasting unique benefits and affordability, there’s something for every family.

This list includes best selling SUVs, minivans, and sedans. Each model has been chosen because of its impressive safety rating, storage space, or other features that make them ideal for families.

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