According to statistics, the average person is buying a new car every six years. You may find right now to be the perfect time to buy your dream car. However, before you do, there are many things to check when buying a car. 

It’s best that you organise these things into a car buying checklist. To learn four things you should put on it, read on. 

1. Determine My Car Budget 

Before you research how to buy a car, it’s best to first figure out your budget. This way, you won’t waste time at a dealership that sells cars you can’t afford. You may also realise that it’s best to save more money or get a car loan

CNBC financial writer Sam Dogen wrote a list of tips about buying a car. In it, he mentions the 1/10 rule. This rule says you shouldn’t spend over 10% of your annual income on a car’s purchase price.

You can use this rule as a baseline for your car budget. 

2. Do Your Research 

Before buying a new car, it’s best to learn everything you can about your dream vehicle. Some good information to find is what current or previous owners and/or experts think of the car.

Also, learn about your dream car’s basic and additional features. These can include things such as its size, fuel efficiency, and so on. This will be important for the next item on your checklist. 

3. Make Lists of Car Needs and Wants

Your dream car may not be as good for you as you think. Some of its features may prove incompatible or inconvenient to you. For example, if you have a large family, fitting them in a small car will be difficult. 

To prevent feeling unsatisfied, make two lists. One should include what you will do with your car. This can include transporting family, going off-roading, and so on. 

The second should include things you want your car to have. These can include a parking camera, Bluetooth, and more. 

4. Consider Which Features the Car Has or Can Have

Now, use your budget, research, and two lists together. Organise all the features in the two lists from the most important to the least important.

Also, list the features that your dream car has or can have. If the feature is a possible addition, put the price next to it. Make sure that you have your budget written somewhere as well. 

Once you’ve done this, use all this information to figure out some facts. Use the base and needed features lists to determine if your car has what you need. Use your budget and possible features list to see if you can afford all you want with your car. 

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