C1 Car Loans operates within the bounds of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP).  Should you have a query, question or complaint, please in the first instance call C1 Car Loans to discuss and resolve any issue or complaint you may have.

We also recommend that you read through the other FAQs, these may provide you with further answers to questions you may have.

In the event C1 Car Loans’s internal dispute resolution process does not resolve your complaint or dispute, you may escalate your complaint or dispute to an impartial external dispute resolution provider. C1 Car Loans is a member of an impartial external dispute resolution body, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), and several other industry associations. For more information go to www.afca.org.au


Loan Types

At this time C1 Car Loans is not able to provide an unsecured loan.  All loans must be secured by a vehicle which is registered on the road or water. Loan range from $10,000 to $35,000


Joint Borrower’s and Guarantor Loans

Anyone you know can be a joint borrower on your application, provided they are willing to take on the financial obligation of repaying the loan jointly with you. C1 Car Loans can allow you have multiple primary borrowers on your application, however we do not accept guarantors (i.e. your guarantor would need to apply with you and provide the same supporting documentation, and would be classed as a joint borrower).


Commercial/Business Finance?

C1 Car Loans can provide commercial/business finance. Please ensure that you use the C1 Car Loans Commercial Loan application form when applying, and follow the instructions on that form.  Please note that you should contact C1 Car Loans directly for a Commercial Loan application form, and that the online application will not provide sufficient information if the loan is for commercial purposes.


Debt Consolidation Loans

At this time C1 Car Loans is not able to provide you with a loan in order to pay out other finance or credit cards.


Financial Hardship

If you are formally in a position of financial hardship then we are unable to supply a loan.  This is a legal requirement. If you currently have a loan with C1 Car Loans and feel you are in Hardship, please contact our office’s.


New Zealand Citizen

Yes. Provided you are living and working permanently in Australia the additional requirements for an applicant from a New Zealand is:

  1. That you have been in Australia for at least three months;
  2. If you have been here for less than a year we may request bank statements from you prior New Zealand bank accounts.


New Arrival’s

Provided you can prove that you can live and work in Australia permanently, you are welcome to submit an application to COF.


Rural and Remote Applicant’s

It depends on your distance from a major city or town.  If you are unsure please contact us for further details.


Interest Rates, Fee’s and Charges

C1 Car Loans provide rates from 27.99% to 29.99%. Upfront fee’s and charges can be incorporated into the loan settlement. Ongoing fee’s include a $22 per month loan service fee.



C1 Car Loans may restrict in how much we can lend to you. A benchmark rental expectation will be applied if no rent is being paid


Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction is a method of payment whereby your employer makes your loan payment directly to Center One Finance before they transfer your net wages to you (thereby reducing your net wage by the amount of the repayment).  This excellent method of payment sometimes allows us to get a better outcome for you.


Bad Credit Conditions

Yes.  You are still welcome to submit and application, however we may be restricted in terms of how much we can lend.  If you are in a Part IX Debt Agreement you must be able to prove that this has been active for at yeast six months and that there are no arrears. You are also able to apply if your defaults are either under arrangement or in dispute. Evidence will be required. Applicant’s with defaults in arrangement or in dispute may also apply with proof of the status of the default.


Discharged Bankrupt

At least three months, plus your bank statements must be in good order, and you must have had no further negative entries on your credit file since entering bankruptcy.


Loan Term

C1 Car Loans loans range from 2 years to 4 years


Early Termination Fee

A small fee will be charged to cover administration costs.


Paying out the Loan

The sooner you pay out your loan, the less interest you pay overall.


Redraw Facility

C1 Car Loans offer’s a redraw facility on its loans. Payment history will be taken into consideration.