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Loan Application

Loan Application

Poor/Bad Credit

C1 Finance specialises in lending to clients with bad creidt. As long as you have no finance defaults in the last 6 months we can take a look at your application. C1 Finance also understands that most of its clients are trying to rebuild their credit rating, because of this we wont do a Credit Check until we are confident we can lend to you.

Loan Types

C1 Finance provides secured asset loans mostly to purchase a vehicle. We can look at other assets but these must have another asset to secure against.

Joint and Guarantor Loans

C1 can facilitate a joint loan but we dont do guarantor loans. For a joint loan each applicant is assessed and both are liable for the trepayments and outstanding debt.

Self Employed/Commercial Loans

C1 Finance does not provide business loans or loans to Self Employed clients. We can assess sub-contractors on a case by case basis but will need at least 2 years of financials.

Debt Consolidation

C1 Finance may be able to payout some of your smaller debts with the Auto FInance but we typically do not consolidate large loans or credit cards.


Discharged Bankrupt

You only have to wait 1 day after being discharged before applying. The max we can lend you is $20,000

Early Termination/Payout

C1 Finance may charge a small fee to cover adminstration costs

Financial Hardship

C1 Finance may find you are experiencing financial hardship during the course of our assessment. If this is the case, we will be unable to lend to you. This includes any effect the COVID pandemic may have had.


C1 Finance can accept applications from boarders but we will need to speak to your landlord.

New Zealand Applicants

C1 Finance can assess your for a loan but there may be addtional conditions we need. This might include questions about your length of stay and we may request NZ bank statements and a credit report.

Rural and Remote Locations

Australia is a BIG place and you may live outside our normal lending boundaries, this doesnt exclude you from obtaining a loan but there might be some restrictions. Its best to give one of our staff a call to check before submitting.


Queries, Questions and Complaints

AnyC1 Finance operates within the bounds of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP). Should you have a query, question or complaint, please in the first instance call C1 Finance to discuss and resolve any issue or complaint you may have. In the event C1’s internal dispute resolution process does not resolve your complaint or dispute, you may escalate your complaint or dispute to an impartial external dispute resolution provider. C1 Finance is a member of an impartial external dispute resolution body, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), and several other industry associations. For more information go to

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